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Previous Work — October 2005 to September 2012

These resources were published under a previous SECC contract; therefore, information contained therein may have changed and is not updated.

Regional Events and Forums

Response to Intervention Summit

Tiered Interventions and Evidence-Based
Strategies for Improving Student
Outcomes in High School


Day Two

Agenda - Day 2 pdf

(For a more accessible format, contact the SECC webmaster)

Presentations and Sessions

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Chief Council of State School Officers PresentationAdams-Rodgers

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Processing Activity

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State Team Meeting Notes


Strand 1
Academic Literacy Instruction and Interventions

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Resources for Improving Academic Achievement for AdolescentsDeshler

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Research on Adolescent Literacy Instruction in High School – Chauvin

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Riverbank HS: Academic Performance Index PresentationGeisick

• Implementing the Content Literacy Continuum Handout pdf icon


Strand 2
Algebra Instruction and Intervention

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Research on Differentiating Algebra Instruction in HS PresentationMolina

• Differentiating Algebra Instruction in HS Handouts pdf icon

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Walla Walla HS: Tiered Algebra Instruction PresentationFretheim


Strand 3
Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions

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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports PresentationOlmi


Strand 4
Dropout Prevention

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Using Early Warning Systems for Progress Monitoring and Dropout Prevention PresentationHeppen

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Research to Practice to Improve Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities PresentationBost


Strand 5
Post-School Outcomes/College and Career Readiness

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Research on Using Post-School Outcomes for Supporting High School Students with Disabilities PresentationAlverson and Unruh

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RtI and College and Career Readiness and Access PresentationLieber

• Increasing College Access Handouts pdf icon


Strand 6
High School Transition–8th and 9th Grades

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Research on Tiered Interventions and Evidence-Based Strategies PresentationJohnson

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Tiered Interventions and Evidence-Based Strategies PresentationJohnson

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